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                                Venue uplighting also available to hire! Photography by Scott Warne       

Venue up-lighting

Venue up lighting is also referred to as "mood lighting", and can be used in both marquees and inside hotels, barns, pubs and clubs, well anywhere really. They are used to transform the venue into your chosen colour scheme for weddings, parties and for all other functions, to create that all important "wow factor"! A dark and plain room will be brought to life as if by magic, and there are so many spectrum colours to choose from! You can have them all in one colour including white, or 2 different colours, or even in all colours if you wish!

The walls can be washed with your chosen colours or they can be controlled, and be changed onto different modes such as sound mode. This is great for a disco, as the lights will flash and change colour along to the beat of the music.

They will require a power supply and some can be linked together from off one plug socket.


Up to 10 up lights are available at £20 per light, and they can be set in any colour and mode. Evening packages are available for £150 for 10 lights, alongside one of Lynsey's entertainment packages such as singing or/and disco. 

If you would like to add this to your package please mark it on the booking form where stated, declaring how many lights you'd like to hire.